Trends: Mellow Yellow: How to wear this season's It colour

Kayleigh Rippingale-Shaw

Trends: Mellow Yellow: How to wear this season's It colour

Yellow can be one of those colours that even the brave of us can hide away from. However yellow has become this season's it colour so it is all about finding clever ways to embrace it so even the most colour shy can find a way to love it!

If you are braver among us or blessed with a warmer skin tone, go all out with blocks of yellow or embrace the yellow trend with a bold yellow print. If you are feeling slightly less brave, don't rule out a block of colour but limit it to one half of your body like Carin of Catoinamsterdam in our beautiful jacquard prom skirt

If the thought of full blown blocks of yellow has you running for the hills, why not embrace it with subtle touches with in the detailing? A touch of yellow within a delicate floral print or mix with black base shows a nod to the yellow trend with out making an over the top statement. This is a great way to invest in the trend and still be left with a piece you can wear after the yellow trend has faded in to the sun.

I am a big believer that an outfit can be lifted with a great coloured handbag, in my repertoire I have green, pastel pink, bright pink and blue so it is a fun way to embrace the trend without wearing it, pick yourself up a yellow handbag or accessory. This could be a fun trend to embrace with a black evening outfit to add a flash of colour pop.


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