Security Policy

To ensure customer security, Traffic People stores only the basic information required to process orders. Under no circumstances do we give out any personal infomation to any third party organisation. We do not store any personal information on file and we do not record any phone calls. The only sensitive processes are those of payment that are handled entirely via secure external payment sites (Paypal and Barclaycard).

Where do we store your information?

Your customer account information is stored in a secure server in the UK.

Payment Details

Payments are handled via Barclaycard and PayPal:

  • credit card payments are made via Barclaycard's secure payment page
  • PayPal account payments are made via PayPal's secure payment page
  • we do not store any on-line customer credit card or PayPal account details
  • we can view certain payment details (e.g. date/time of payment, bank used, last 4 digits of card, etc), but we do not have access to the full credit card or PayPal account details

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our Security Policy, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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